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Get Started with Facebook Professional Services for HVAC / Plumbing

01-11-16 by Steven Severn

Could you please review us on Facebook? Make sure that your employees know that phrase by heart. Facebook has softly launched a new adaptation for their users called Facebook Professional Services. This new section of Facebook is adapting best practices from other direct competitors such as Yelp, Angie’s List, Google+, and Home Advisor, to provide […]

Featured Client Blog Post #1: Why Details Matter

12-28-15 by Ryan D.

As we close out 2015, digital marketing continues to thrive by amusing and informing customers. If you care at all about organic search visibility, then you must care about keeping your customers supplied with relevant information. Unique, information-based content will entice your readers, give them the opportunity to linger on the page, and gain their […]

3 Ways Being Different Can Help You Earn Leads

12-07-15 by Matt Dimock

One of the ways we help our clients’ improve their online visibility and earn leads is by answering: “How are they different from their competition?” In this post, I am going to discuss how thinking outside of the box about what makes you, your employees and your company unique, can benefit your small business and earn you more leads.

iMarket Solutions Ranks in Inc. 5000!

10-21-15 by Steven Severn

Painted on one of the walls in our office are the words: “the only way to do great work is to love what you do.” It’s absolutely true, and today we’d like to announce further proof that passion and love for your work pays off. iMarket Solutions has just ranked in the  Inc. 5000! The […]

From 7 to 3: Google’s Local Map Pack Slims Down

08-12-15 by Matt Dimock

Google is known for changing things up on a regular basis when it comes to their algorithms, but when it comes to the design of their search engine’s search result pages (SERPs), they tend to be a little more careful. When they do make changes, it’s typically done so within controlled test groups (i.e. only certain servers or countries will see the change). As a result, there is usually little talk regarding UX changes on in comparison to algorithm introductions, updates, refreshes and the like. But late last week, Google introduced a major redesign of their local map pack that is anything but subtle.

iMarket Solutions Celebrates Five Years!

07-09-15 by Steven Severn

This July marks our fifth year in business. When iMarket Solutions started five years ago, we had one goal in mind: to provide HVAC, plumbing, and electrical contractors with powerful online marketing tools. Five years later, we have grown and achieved much, but our initial goal remains the same.

How Generating Reviews for HVAC / Plumbing Impacts Leads and ROI

04-21-15 by Steven Severn

The consumer decision process is notoriously complex. But with some guided marketing assistance and insights to how the consumer thinks, your HVAC or plumbing company can develop a trustworthy business that showcases positive customer experiences. By integrating social influence into your marketing strategy, reviews and testimonials can help increase your lead flow and conversion rates. […]

Responding to Online Reviews

04-20-15 by Julie Lee

  In a recent Harris survey, the study found that only 68% of negative reviews receive a response. What’s more, out of that batch of negative reviews, 18% of reviewers reversed their opinion and became loyal brand advocates. Why? It’s all in your response. When your HVAC or plumbing company receives an online review, responding […]

3 Steps You Can Take To Increase Reviews for Your Business

04-09-15 by Julie Lee

Reviews are an important part of your business and bottom line. We’ve already established the impact that reviews have on your business in our previous blog post: HVAC / Plumbing: Importance of Online Reviews for HVAC / Plumbing Industries. If you want to start taking action to build your online review presence, you can start […]

Importance of Online Reviews for HVAC / Plumbing Industries

03-26-15 by Steven Severn

With only 12% of consumers saying that they take NO notice of online reviews, doesn’t it seem obvious for your company to have a well-rounded online reputation to succeed? Customers are sharing their opinion and experiences online more than ever. Review sites have become an integrated part of the purchasing decision process to help customers […]

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