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Featured Client Blog Post #1: Why Details Matter

12-28-15 by Ryan D.

As we close out 2015, digital marketing continues to thrive by amusing and informing customers. If you care at all about organic search visibility, then you must care about keeping your customers supplied with relevant information. Unique, information-based content will entice your readers, give them the opportunity to linger on the page, and gain their trust that you’re a reputable business who cares about what they need.

We provide regular blogging as a service to our clients. Not only does this keep their site regularly updated with new information, but blogging is also great for SEO and it demonstrates authority. This month’s Featured Client Blog Post comes via client request. One of our ace writers, John, wrote it for a long-time client of ours, who had requested a post on the DC Sustainable Energy Utility rebate. Based in Washington, DC, Polar Bear Air Conditioning & Heating Inc. wanted something that would showcase this opportunity to customers in their area.

What Are DCSEU Rebates?

What I like about this blog post is that it tells you what the DCSEU is and how it came about. In a few hundred words, I understand where this rebate comes from (Sustainable Energy Partnership) and what its goals are (the reduction of energy consumption). I also have plenty of external links that will send me precisely to the relevant page if I need additional information. Details impress readers. Without them, this rebate would be a vague proposition. But having the numbers broken down allows me to see the benefits clearly on a single page.

Having a dedicated blogger behind your content marketing strategy is a great way to gain followers and impress customers. Want to know more about our SEO and other digital marketing services? Call iMarket Solutions today at 800-727-3920 for a free demo!

Ryan D. (1 Posts)

Ryan D. is the Content Manager at iMarket Solutions. He's responsible for creating SEO-friendly web writing that informs customers and generates leads. He handles the workload, workflow, and training for our writers, in addition to writing part-time.

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