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How Can You Attract More Website Traffic?

Wednesday, November 20th, 2019

Your website is the core of a successful digital marketing strategy. After all, 95% of customers find businesses online through their websites. But having a website with an attractive design, eye-catching calls-to-action, and friendly navigation doesn’t mean prospects will actually see it. A website that potential customers can’t find may as well not exist at all. Driving traffic to a website is what makes a digital strategy work.

Finding methods to pull more traffic to a contractor website is a core part of how iMarket Solutions helps our customers succeed in a competitive marketplace. Just as a strong digital presence through a website is essential for digital marketing success, so is a well-considered strategy created to channel traffic to the site.

You have a great website—What marketing tools will drive more traffic toward it and toward your business?

Top Marketing Tools for Stampeding Customers to Your Website

There are an immense number of digital marketing tools available to send potential customers to your contractor website. Here are a few we consider essentials:

Search Engine Optimization: SEO is still the number one tool to make your website visible to search engines and people searching for your services. A website optimized to garner traffic needs relevant keywords and phrases that search engines can easily locate and interpret. The landscape of SEO continually shifts, so any strategy to attract customers to a website must evolve to stay current with the algorithms and guidelines of the major search engines.

Social Media: Mid-sized businesses require social media to send people to their sites. Social media may seem like an impossible maze to navigate, but all these platforms have the same basic use: to develop “word-of-mouth” campaigns with a wide range. Your customers are already “hanging out” on social media, where you can approach them with a casual pitch rather than an aggressive hard-sell. A strong social media presence not only increases website traffic, it achieves other goals like building trust with customers and increasing the chance of conversions.

Search Engine Marketing: Search Engine Marketing (SEM) means using pay-per-click ads on search engines to attract traffic to your site when customers are looking for relevant services. You pay a variable amount to the search engine based on how useful customers find the ads. The better your SEM strategy, the more traffic your site receives and the less you pay for the pay-per-click ads.

Responsive Website: When we call a website “responsive,” it means the site responds to a visitor’s screen size and orientation, then alters the layout for the best visitor experience. Your potential customers use a plethora of devices to access your website. From screens as large as smart TVs to smaller smartphone screens, a successful website must adapt to whatever device a visitor uses. Don’t let customers slip away because they can’t easily navigate your site on their device of choice.

Managing Tools Into an Effective Strategy

This isn’t a comprehensive list of methods to increase website traffic. No list can be comprehensive, because digital marketing technology sprints toward the future with the speed of a cheetah. You don’t have to worry about exhausting yourself chasing that cheetah—with iMarket Solutions, you have the perfect ally to keep pace with both current and future tools. We specialize in creating success for HVAC, plumbing, and electrical contractors, so we understand how to design a strategy to drive relevant traffic to your website. We use cutting-edge technology to see that your contractor website is not only visible to prospects, but engages them, creates trust, and drives them to contact you.

For the help you need to grow your business and website traffic with an exceptional digital marketing strategy, contact a member of our team. We have the experience, knowledge, and tools to make your contractor business a success by increasing website traffic. For more than a decade, our team has sailed atop the churning sea of digital marketing, making the sailing smooth for contractors like you.

iMarket Solutions is a leader in digital marketing solutions to help contractors thrive. Contact us today to assess how you can boost traffic to your website and boost conversions.  

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Why Should Contractors Utilize Digital Marketing?

Wednesday, September 25th, 2019

When it comes to getting your name out there and converting local homeowners into loyal customers, there are many marketing methods that can help you along. Creating the right overall marketing strategy is an essential part in helping your contracting business grow. These days, this means creating a solid digital marketing strategy.

Digital marketing is, in the simplest terms, the marketing of your products and services using digital technologies, both on the internet and other forms of digital media. In the last few decades, digital marketing has drastically changed the way brands and businesses utilize technology in their marketing efforts.

At iMarket Solutions, we are dedicated to contractor success. This means we believe in helping contractors form a reputable digital footprint in today’s online and mobile environment. This isn’t optional anymore—it’s what your contracting business needs to separate itself from your competitors. What exactly does this look like?

The Benefits of Digital Marketing for Contractors

Today’s consumers are increasingly becoming more mobile and web-based than ever before. Sure, marketing efforts such as advertising products and services through direct mail, or from a booth at a home or trade show is still valuable. But, to truly reach homeowners and even business owners where they’re at, you need to be visible online. There are a number of benefits to this, including:

Brand Development: A beautifully designed website, reputable social media presence, and solid online reviews are just a few of the ways you can garner attention for your contracting business. Building a brand from the ground up, or even entering a new vertical, can be overwhelming. But with the right support, you can quickly gain leads and conversions.

Lead Generation: If you want to enable your business to create enormous traffic and subsequent sales and conversion, the best way to do so is with digital marketing. Digital agencies can bring in leads through content marketing, email and social media marketing, optimized web forms, A/B testing, and more.

Low Cost, High ROI: Marketing and advertising your brand is one of the biggest financial burdens you’ll never need to take on. But marketing through digital platforms provides you with an affordable alternative to traditional marketing such as cold calling or advertising in magazines and direct mail. The best part is, digital marketing offers a substantial return on investment.

Reputation: The idea behind a careful digital marketing strategy is to gain the attention of potential customers and current customers long enough to build a credible reputation that keeps them coming back. Online reviews, social media presence, and how your company communicates using these digital mediums can help build and maintain a great company reputation in the communities you serve.

Our Comprehensive Products

Not all digital marketing products are right for each and every contractor. It’s important that you work with a qualified team with a specialty in marketing for contractors to determine the best strategy for your specific needs as a contracting business. Contact a member of our team today to learn more about any of the following services we provide!

  • Website Design
  • Digital Brand Management with SEO
  • Review Generation & Management
  • Email Marketing
  • Social Media Management
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Local Services by Google Support
  • Remarketing
  • Live Chat

“How Can I Get Started?”

Digital marketing can seem overwhelming to a contractor who’s never had a solid online presence. Fortunately, that’s what iMarket Solutions is here for. Getting started with digital marketing means first creating a well-designed website with great, unique content and a strong town-by-town strategy for your service areas—and ensuring that the whole site provides a positive user experience.

Or rather, it means contacting a digital agency with the purpose of delivering HVAC, plumbing, and electrical contracting businesses with the best solutions for their digital marketing strategy to design that website. And your company’s website is just the beginning!

iMarket Co-Owner and Co-Founder Gary Elekes has found that the contractors with the most successful digital strategies have followed this model for getting started in digital marketing:

  • Have your provider publish blog posts at least 1-2 times each month.
  • Encourage and drive customer reviews as much as you can to all review engines—not just Google.
  • Get busy with collecting emails, and launch a solid email campaign strategy that targets existing customers.
  • Tie in your social media accounts with a strategy for community and cause marketing, using Facebook ads, Facebook posts, Instagram posts, and Retargeting.
  • Check to see if Local Services by Google is available in your area, and if it is, don’t wait! Sign up, get vetted, and tie in your ads to your customer reviews.
  • Invest in a paid search model through Google paid ads.

Gary Elekes Co–Founded iMarket Solutions in 2010 with Andrew Allen. Gary is also the Founder and CEO of EPC Equity, a private equity group established to acquire, operate, and grow businesses in the home services trade. Additionally, Gary serves as President of EPC, Inc., EPC Training, Inc., two companies he has sold to EGIA and operates them for EGIA.  He still maintains and operates EPC Consulting independently, and has also been an active contractor since 2002, currently owning and operating HVAC and Plumbing companies in Arizona.

To learn more about how to get started, simply reach out to our team. We’ve been working with contractors for years, and we understand the unique needs you face when getting your name out and attracting leads.

iMarket Solutions is your resource for leading digital solutions. Please allow us to assess your current digital strategy and see where your lead opportunities are. Contact us today!

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HVAC Website Creation: What Makes Good Web Design?

Wednesday, September 18th, 2019

When you work in the contracting space, lead conversion can truly be a challenge. Part of the key to success is getting your word out to your service areas to attract leads in the first place. 

How do you do this? With a great website and supporting digital marketing campaigns. 

So, what makes a great website?

The Basics of Website Design

What makes a great website? First, it has to be user-friendly and it has to load fast. If a visitor has to wait more than a couple seconds for the page to load, they’re probably going elsewhere.

Next, it has to look great and function perfectly on any type of device–desktop computer, smartphone, tablet or laptop. In the web design industry, this is called having a “responsive” web site.

Then there are the colors you choose, the fonts you use, the photos you select, and how well it aligns with the business’ brand. If you’ve invested in a high-end truck wrap, your website should match that look so visitors can make an immediate connection with the trucks they’ve seen around town.

The Importance of Visual Appeal

The written content on the page may tell users what a company is about, but if that content isn’t supported by attention-grabbing visuals, you could lose out on potential leads and conversions. A website should emphasize the work an HVAC contractor provides, whether it’s in pictures, excellent logo placement, or easy-to-read fonts—known as typography.

Visuals should convey a feeling of what a company is about. Is your reputation fun and spirited? Then bright colors, a playful logo, and unique typography can help portray this. Perhaps you have a unique service your competitors don’t offer. Then the hero image—that is, the large banner image on your site’s homepage—could be something related to that service.

How Your Website Helps Convert

When a web user becomes a lead for your business, that’s called conversion. Optimization means making this conversion as effective as possible. This is done by making your website user-friendly, through:

  • Easy-to-Understand Design Patterns: When you see a red octagon, you likely know it means “stop.” When you see an isosceles triangle pointing to your right on a video, you know it means “play.” These are examples of easy-to-understand design patterns, known as design conventions.
  • Clear Visuals: This includes apparent buttons on your call-to-action, so your users know where to go to contact you or get more information, as well as clear visual hierarchies—that is, a clear relationship between the importance and appearance of the content on each webpage.
  • Trustworthiness: A successful contracting company knows what their prospects and customers are looking for when hiring a technician. That is, they know their audience. Does your audience want to see the sort of licensing you have? Perhaps certifications you’ve earned? These are types of things that can and should be strategically placed on important pages throughout your website, in order to establish trust as a brand.
  • Interaction Without Too Much Distraction: Your CTA(s) (Call-to-Action) should always stand out. You want web users to know how to reach you, quickly. Oftentimes when a user visits your site, they’re not just idly browsing—they’re looking for specific services and the right contractor to hire for those services. Your CTA form should allow them to quickly interact with you by filling out a short contact form. This CTA should also not be surrounded by a lot of text, too many images, or distracting slideshows.
  • Clean Formatting: When a user visits a website, they are often looking for one specific bit of information—therefore they will often scan rather than read the entire page. So the formatting of the text should be designed in such a way that supports this, with adequate text-to-background contrast, easy-to-read text, and short paragraphs.

You don’t want your website to overload its visitors with too many choices—this leads to something you may have heard referred to before as option paralysis—that is, overthinking that can lead to not making a decision at all. You want your web visitors to decide to reach out to you for their HVAC needs—not leave your site altogether out of frustration.

This is a brief overview of what makes for good web design. For a truly comprehensive web design strategy that serves your specific business needs, you’ll want to work with an experienced and industry-focused digital agency that offers full-service digital solutions. 

Our vision here at iMarket Solutions is to provide our contracting clients with cutting-edge web development and digital marketing solutions at an affordable price, that ensures a high return on investment.

To learn more about our Plumbing, Electrical, and HVAC marketing solutions, contact iMarket Solutions today! Dedicated to Contractor Success

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Upgrade Your Marketing: Digital Marketing Tips for Contractors

Thursday, March 28th, 2019

You have many options when it comes to developing a marketing plan for your contracting business. Creating the right strategy is a vital part to helping your business thrive. This includes traditional marketing methods as well as newer, digital marketing strategies.

We mentioned this briefly in our last blog post about selling in the shoulder season, though it applies year round—forming a reputable digital footprint in today’s online and mobile environment is not optional. It’s key to helping you build your brand, attract leads, and build customer relationships.

If It’s Not Digital, Is It Even Marketing?

There is of course still value in traditional marketing practices, such as sending direct mail pieces that advertise your products and services, promoting your business and services from a booth at a home show, or even setting up charity events in your local area. But there is no denying that today’s consumers are increasingly mobile and web-based. Therefore, it’s essential to have a solid digital marketing plan in place.

What does this look like? Here are just a few digital marketing tips for you to keep in mind:

  1. Create a Well-Designed Website: It’s not enough to simply have a website up—it must be well designed. This means creating a site that is visually appealing, allows site visitors and customers to figure out what you’re about right away, is user-friendly (customers can find what they’re looking for instantly), and properly optimized. Don’t forget that it has to be fast and responsive—this means it works on any online and mobile device.  
  2. Optimize Your Web Pages and Blog: Weak keywords are the worst enemy to a well-designed website and blog. Choosing the right keywords to attract your target demographic requires a long-term strategy that includes understanding your competition and knowing exactly what web visitors are searching for. Trusting an experienced marketing company to create your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategy will ensure that this is done correctly and that you avoid what’s known as “black hat” SEO practices—tactics that can get your website flagged by Google and other major search engines.
  3. Invest in Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Ads: Also called “paid advertising,” PPC ads are an essential component of any effective digital marketing plan, especially in highly-competitive markets. A PPC ad is what you see on the top and right sides of search engine results pages. They’re named as such because advertisers pay each time a web visitor conducting a search clicks on one of those ads.
  4. Have a Social Media and Email Marketing Plan in Place: There’s a lot still to be said for “word-of-mouth” advertising. Social media has taken this form of marketing and amplified it. Businesses can now easily reach customers where they’re at, not necessarily to make a sale, but to engage directly with potential consumers in order to build a relationship. Email marketing is another way to effectively get the word out about your business to leads and members of your community. From eNewsletters to promotional announcements, email allows you to get your business top of mind when the recipient needs a home services contractor down the road.

Not all products are right for each and every contractor. You’ll want to work closely with a qualified professional who specializes in marketing for contractors to help determine the right mix of products for your particular contracting business. When you work with our team, you don’t have to worry about your knowledge of the digital marketing space—that’s what we are here for!

iMarket Solutions is your resource for the leading digital solutions, and other great marketing tips. We would love the opportunity to assess your current digital campaign and see where your lead opportunities are. Contact us today!

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Get a Free Website Designed Today!

Wednesday, November 23rd, 2011

Are you a contractor looking for a website for your plumbing, HVAC or electrical business right now? iMarket has a solution for you! We are offering a FREE website design with our Game On package, and we charge you only a $25 monthly hosting fee. Using our simple interface, you can enter in all the information we need for your website in under 15 minutes. Within three days, your business will have a simple, professional web presence. We will match the colors of the website with the logo that you provide, making it unique to your business. Along with the free website design, you will also get a year of free domain name registration. As an optional extra, you can have your company added to the main local directories, such as Google Places, to help you establish a presence in local search results.

This three page website includes a home page that describes your services, an about page with details about your company, and an email contact form. We also allow you three changes a year, so you can update your site with new content each season. This package is a great way to get your company started on the web and will help potential customers reach you. With over 80 percent of people using the internet to search for local businesses, now is the time to get your business online!

To get started building your website right now, click this link:

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