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Google Updates and how to keep up!

You may have heard us say that Google makes regular updates to their algorithm, and that sometimes this means we need to make updates to your site. What does this mean, and how often does Google make updates anyway?

Google makes minor updates to their search engine algorithm at least daily. They have teams of people constantly working to improve results; bringing up the best results and pushing down what they consider to be lesser results.

Larger updates can happen as often as Google would like. The updates can mean that we change the way content is written or displayed. It can mean that we change the way we pursue quality links for your website. It can mean that and more.

We thought we would write a quick post to explain how often these updates can happen, and to provide a link to a retrospective on Google updates and algorithm changes.

We love the folks over at SEOmoz and they have put together a fabulous page detailing all the updates Google has ever released! If you get curious or ask yourself, “What are these updates they keep talking about?!” head over to this page:

Contact us with any questions, and rest easy – when Google updates, we make sure to adjust any strategies we need to in order to help your site perform at the highest level.

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