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Local Service Ads by Google Support

Local Service Ads by Google (or Google Guaranteed) is one of the newest developments in digital marketing for contractors. Using Local Service Ads, you can advertise your business on Google and receive leads directly from those ads. Customers looking for the services you offer will see ads on the search results page that allows them to immediately call you. 

Local Service Ads are currently only available for certain industries. Fortunately, HVAC, plumbing, and electrical contractors are included—the industries that we specialize in. Get in touch with our professionals to find out if Local Service Ads by Google is available in your area. We’ll help your company go through the requirements (i.e. company and technician background checks), and set up your Local Service Ads in order to drive more high-quality leads your way and ensure the best return on your marketing investment.

iMarket Solutions gives contractors the tools to grow, succeed, and dominate their local market.


How Local Service Ads Are Different Than Pay-Per-Click Ads

With Google Ads, you choose specific keywords to target. When you sign up for Local Service Ads by Google support, you select categories or "job types" rather than keywords. These categories indicate the type of products and services you offer. Google then chooses the keywords relevant to those job types and your ads appear in search results based on the service area and the categories you picked. Instead of sending a customer to your website, the Local Service Ads direct them to call you. This quickly converts potential customers into leads.

Local Service Ads are "pay-per-lead" rather than "pay-per-click"—you only pay when a customer reaches you through an ad, whether speaking to you on the phone or leaving a voicemail message.

The Advantages of Local Service Ads 

For many businesses, Local Service Ads offer great benefits:

  • Ads appear on Google Search results so customers in your area will be able to locate you quickly.

  • Connect directly with local customers—it’s easy for people who find your ads on Google to send a message or call right from the ads.

  • Improve the chance of turning more leads into customers.

  • Only pay for leads from ads rather than for every ad click.

Local Service Ads also allows you to build trust with a "Google Guaranteed" badge. When applying for Local Service Ads, your company will automatically apply for the Google guarantee screening process. Google examines your licenses and insurance verification as well as employee background checks. If your company passes the screening, you’ll receive a Google Guaranteed badge that increases your trustworthiness to customers.

Local Service Ads by Google Are an Excellent Investment

Because Local Service Ads are relatively new, Google is always making changes. You may not want to handle all the work required to set up and run your Local Service Ads campaigns because your time is already full operating your business. iMarket Solutions is here to take over the process of setting up Local Service Ads and keeping ads running successfully. Our experts will also help your ads rank highest in Google searches using our other marketing tools, such as SEO, building a quality website, and increasing your 5-star customer ratings.