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Happy New Year’s Eve from iMarket Solutions!

12-31-11 by Nadia Romeo

We hope that this upcoming year is even better for you than the last! New Years is about new beginnings, which is why we are so excited about all of the new products and services we will be rolling out this year!

iMarket Live Chat is available to be placed on your website today to help turn searchers into customers. The Live Chat icon will appear at the bottom right hand corner of your website, and an iMarket agent will be ready at any time to talk through instant message to a potential customer. If someone initiates a chat, the agent, prompted with a script about your business, will gather the name, phone number, and other important information for you and then send you an email about the lead. This service can increase the effectiveness of you online advertising by an average of 35 percent!

We are also currently offering a new enhanced Facebook business profile. This profile includes a banner for your business and a custom landing page that will help entice people to become your Facebook fans. The landing page will also serve as a contact form, so people are able to email you directly from Facebook! Social media is a great way to utilize word-of-mouth marketing, and the more people that “like” your page the more people your posts will reach. An enhanced Facebook business page will improve your presence on this social media giant and help your business use it to more effectively generate leads.

Our new Game On package is ready for any contractor who wants a free website! We will create and design a website completely free of charge; you will only need to pay a $25 monthly hosting fee. The website will be designed to match the logo you provide, and it includes a home page that describes your services, a page with details about your company, and an email contact form.  This is a great way to get your business started on the web so you can begin to be found on local search engines. With people searching for local businesses more and more on the web, now is the time to get your business online!

Finally, we are rolling out an amazing new service in the beginning of this New Year. We aren’t ready to announce exactly what it is yet, but it will significantly impact the way your business is perceived on the web. Keep an eye on our blog for further announcements! Have a great New Year’s Eve!

Nadia Romeo (60 Posts)

Nadia is President of iMarket Solutions, and responsible for daily operations, strategy and business development.

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