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Copyright Infringement and Google Search Results

08-15-12 by Nadia Romeo

Imagine you are enjoying a nice walk in the park and someone snatches your smartphone right out of your hands! How would you feel? Would you do this to someone else?

These seem like silly questions. The answer to all is generally, “of course not!” However, on the Internet, it seems like many have let the rules slide a bit with copying content from other websites.

Some may think, “What’s the harm, really?” Other than it being against the law, Google is now very serious about copyright infringement. Google recently announced that they have updated their algorithm to push sites down, or even penalize sites, that have been reported as violating copyright.

We have seen other companies steal content from our clients’ sites. Now that Google is serious about it, we will be reporting (on your behalf) anyone who steals content from your site. This means we are looking out for our clients to make sure and pursue a complaint against a site that has copied you and refuses to remove the copied content. This is part of your ongoing service with iMarket Solutions.

What if you copy content or images from another site without permission? Well we know you would never do that! But just in case, if you or a company you work with adds copied information to your iMarket Solutions website, we will remove it immediately upon notification or discovery. We are legally obligated to take this action as your host, and we want to avoid your site dropping in rankings over copyright complaints filed by other sites.

If you have any questions about this important update, please contact us!

Nadia Romeo (60 Posts)

Nadia is President of iMarket Solutions, and responsible for daily operations, strategy and business development.

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