Jr Financial Controller

We are looking for a passionate Jr Financial Controller to handle all aspects of the company’s accounting and financial reporting functions. You will play a crucial role in establishing the financial and operational processes needed to support our company’s growth. You will be responsible for key functions such as the management and preparation of financial statements, revenue recognition, month end close, financial reporting, accounts payable and receivables, tax, audit and compliance.


  1. Develop the company’s financial systems in order to facilitate formal and informal management decision-making.
    • Maintain company’s finance functions (e.g., Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable) to reflect business needs.
    • Design and implement processes to give managers the necessary financial data to make decisions and monitor performance.
      • P&L – maintain daily accounting system
      • Cash Flow Forecast
      • Balance Sheet
      • KPI report – Daily
      • Backlog report – Weekly
      • Productivity reports - Weekly
    • Champion the budgeting and forecasting process.
    • Champion the mix shift in the company to a desired target for cash flow and profitability by product.
    • Manage sales commissions and variable compensation plans.
    • Manage payroll.
    • Participate in financial accountability portion of weekly team leadership meetings (forecasting & managing to forecast).
  2. Ensure the effective management of company’s financial operations.
    • Ensure that all external reporting obligations are met by making information available as needed, and kept current (Daily).
    • Maintain integrity of company’s cash, receivables, and payables managementaccording to leadership team’s standards.
    • Execute all major financial transactions, including loans, acquisitions, asset sales, or expenditures according to established departmental guidelines.
    • Monitor the overall financial health of company using Key Performance Indicators and communicate to management team on a weekly basis from daily accounting activities.
    • Enforce financial discipline/guidelines and controls for the entire company.
  3. Champion company’s cash position.
    • Make regular cash flow projections based on projected sales and sales backlog, and flow of cash internally and externally.
    • Communicate cash flow projections to top management team.
    • Monitor accounts receivable aging and collection procedures.
    • Champion our collections process, including the policy and actual collection.
  4. Interface with outside audit firms(s), banks and lessors, casualty/liability insurance agent(s), credit card companies, and collection agencies.
  5. Provide recommendations to the management team regarding major financial decisions and carry out the financial policy decisions made by management team.
    • Proactively participate in strategic planning.
    • Train key managers on financial measures for departments.
    • Evaluate acquisition options.
  6. Provide assistance with the HR functions in the company.
  7. Participate in special projects and ad hoc requests.

Desired Skills and Experience: