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Why iMarket

When you want something done well, hire an expert, right?

iMarket is a unique partnership between experts in the contracting business and the online marketing industry. Our sales and management team have worked in the HVAC industry for a total of over 40 years. And for more than a decade, our marketing team has been at the forefront of the exciting and constantly-changing world of online marketing.

We're combining our expertise to help contractors take advantage of the unique opportunity offered by online media. When done properly, online marketing can dramatically decrease your cost-per-lead and increase customer retention and loyalty - and decrease your advertising costs at the same time.

We're able to achieve these great results because we know the trades like no other online marketing company. We know what contractors need to be successful, and we put that knowledge to work every day to help our clients achieve maximum ROI in their online marketing campaigns.

iMarket's Expertise:

  • Sales and Management Team. Our sales and management team has been in the HVAC industry for over 40 years combined. We know contracting better than any other online marketing company.
  • Design Team. Our design team has been building websites for over a decade and has earned rave reviews from our current clients.
  • Commitment to Training. Our team receives on-going training to keep everyone up-to- date on current business practices, industry trends, and market conditions. Our commitment to training ensures that our customers are always ahead of their local competitor.

What Makes iMarket Different:

  • Brand Building. We don't just create websites, we build on-line brands. We start with websites designed for powerful search engine response, and build on this foundation with carefully coordinated online marketing activities in a variety of online media. We are your single source solution for on-line marketing.
  • High ROI. Our website design and marketing activities promote customer loyalty, high local search engine rankings, and provide highly targeted "landing pages" for paid search engine advertising campaigns. You'll see an increase in web-generated leads and revenue, and a decrease in cost-per-lead over traditional media alone.
  • Town-by-Town Strategy. We target our online marketing to dominate the local search in every individual town you serve. This helps you take full advantage of the ever-growing local search trend.
  • Online Reputation Management. We offer comprehensive reputation management services with a focus on your local market, including an aggressive program to combat negative reviews.

Website Content:

  • Pre-Written Content. We offer pre-written HVAC, plumbing, and electrical content that has been optimized for powerful search engine performance in your specific local market.
  • Re-Assessment of Keywords and Content. We will help you regularly reassess your keywords and update your content to reflect changes in the local search environment.
  • Adding New Content. We will make sure your site is regularly updated with new content via blog posts, Facebook and Twitter postings, or email newsletters.
  • Easy Content Management System (CMS). Our easy to use CMS allows non-technical employees make updates to your website anytime, anywhere. You and your employees will be able to create new pages, change images, add coupons, and edit content in just a few clicks.
  • Graphics and Images. We will provide you with access to a library of images and graphics to supplement any photography you already have.

Website Features and Benefits:

  • Search Engine Optimized Content. Content on your website will be targeted to the HVAC, plumbing, and electrical industries and tailored to your company and local region.
  • Easy Content Management System (CMS). Our easy to use CMS allows non-technical employees make updates to your website anytime, anywhere. You and your employees will be able to create new pages, change images, add coupons, and edit content in just a few clicks.
  • Industry Specific Site Organization. Each website will consist of 5-7 major sections with clear and consistent navigation. The names and the content of the sections will be determined by you. Sections could include but are not limited to: Homepage, About Us, Indoor Air Quality, Heating, Plumbing, Electrical, Service Areas, Contact Us, etc.
  • Blog Tool. Allows non-technical employees to update your blog. A blog is a must to maintain high ranking in the search engines. We also offer professionally-written blog content as an option.
  • Promotions Tool. Gives you the ability to manage current promotions, discounts, and coupons.
  • Testimonial Tool. Displays a series of testimonials in specified areas of the website. Easy to manage and update.
  • Search Tool. Allows visitors to search for specific information on your site.
  • FAQ Creation Tool. Convert customer inquiries into Frequently Asked Questions and post them on your site.
  • Contact/Inquiry Forms. Allows your customers to get in quick contact with your company.
  • eNewsletter Management Tool. Enables non-technical employees to manage eNewsletter subscription list and create professionally branded eNewsletters anytime.
  • Live Agent Chat Tool. Allows real-life chat for website visitors when an agent from your company is available to respond.
  • SPAM Protection. All emails listed on the site are protected from unwanted SPAM.

Reporting Tools:

  • Google Analytics. Every website comes with Google Analytics, which offers a variety of reports on traffic and conversion rates.
  • Monthly Reports. We offer an optional monthly reporting service to give you detailed insight into your website's performance so that you can keep your keywords and content up-to-date for the current search environment.
  • Cost-Per-Lead Measurement. For our pay-per-click clients, we use cost-per-lead as our primary metric for evaluating the success of our clients' campaigns. We adapt our campaigns to each client's local search environment to keep cost-per-lead as low as possible.
  • Call Tracking. Our call tracking system provides statistics about your web-generated phone leads to help you determine which keywords and pages on your website are producing the most powerful sales results.

Customer Service:

  • Unlimited Support. We provide unlimited technical support to our clients via email, phone, or fax during business hours. Our Powerhouse and Domination Package customers also have unlimited access to our 24/7 support line.
  • Comprehensive Training. Our clients receive comprehensive training so that they can take full advantage of all the tools we offer. You'll learn how to update your website using our Content Management System (CMS), optimize your website to compete effectively in your local market, and generate new customer leads using your website.
  • Client Assistance. Our team will work with you every step of the way while we create your website, and we'll be available to help you with ongoing updates and maintainance.
  • Genuine Customer Care. We LISTEN carefully to ensure that we respond to our customers' unique needs. We take the time to answer all of your questions. We move forward at the pace you choose.

Technical Information:

  • Server Information. iMarket deploys websites on an open-source Apache Server and Linux Operating Platform for proven stability.
  • Programming Languages. iMarket uses as the base programming/database scripting language for website development, coupled with MySQL for database storage.
  • Browser and Mobile Device Compatibility. iMarket websites are compatible with all major browsers, including Internet Explorer 7 and newer, Firefox 3.1 and newer, and Safari. They are also compatible with major Smart Phone browsers, including Opera, iPhone (Safari), and BlackBerry. (Please note: this does not imply that a custom smart phone website or templates are included in the website package, unless expressly specified).


Here's what people say:

iMarket Website Solutions Web Design and Development

I have a heating and air conditioning company, The Clean Air Act Inc. of Beavercreek, Oregon. We are small by choice (I like to do real work, not babysit a crew of techs as my friends in the industry say). As the economy started to shrink I saw the need to change. Our HVAC distributor asked me to take a class about web sites. I was game--I (had) a web site, but OK, I knew it sucked and needed help BAD. I sat in this class and within 15 minutes I got real focused. I knew I was missing the boat and I needed to get aboard. The class was great. I was going (to sign up) the next day. I worked with Nadia and Wendy on the (website), and now Martina is now managing it and it is going great. We sold three systems in the first two months and got a hand full of service calls--they told us it would be slow growing. I am very happy so far. The more information you get them, the faster and better your project will go. Thank you so much iMarket Solutions.

Your friend Rodger A. Brown
Clean Air Act, Inc.

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