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About iMarket Solutions

iMarket Solutions was founded in 2010 by Gary Elekes and Andrew Allen, with the core purpose of helping contractors be more successful. Our story begins a few years prior, when a chance encounter in an elevator led our founders to discover they were both in the web business—a revelation that led to the eventual development of iMarket Solutions.

In the early 2000’s, less than 50% of contractors had a website—something that is unthinkable today! With the rapid growth of digital integration, and technologies such as smartphones and Google converging, it was becoming imperative that contractors have that exposure, which is where Gary and Andrew saw an opportunity.

Having built a web learning system that won HVAC Product of the Year by Contracting Business, our founders set forward with creating websites for contractors and doing the digital marketing needed to create new business leads.

Entrepreneurs Serving Entrepreneurs

With the entrepreneurial mindset to leverage this expanding market, Gary and Andrew knew there was a lot to build on. They had to develop a product that worked, scale the business, and secure leadership. This started with our founders approaching Carney Plumbing Heating & Cooling with an offer to create a free website in order to have a sample product.

Carney’s site proved successful in several markets, dispelling any concern that it was a fluke or random success. We had a product that delivered. Carney Plumbing Heating & Cooling is not just our first customer—they are still with us, making them our oldest!

Entering the National Market from a Kitchen Table

With Carney’s success backing them, Gary and Andrew approached and pitched a national Manufacturer. iMarket Solutions became a preferred vendor after that meeting, leading our founders to change their business model and enter the national market with the new Domination platform.

This helped iMarket Solutions continue to take form, but our founders needed someone to run daily operations, which led them to iMarket co-owner and CEO Nadia Romeo, who tirelessly served hundreds of contractors and their businesses until her departure in 2018. Nadia worked diligently around nothing but a kitchen table to grow our brand to what it has become today.

Our growth and success allowed us to obtain our first brick and mortar facility and start our ongoing practice or hiring top-tier talent to help continually refine and expand our products. We are industry experts, and while not alone in our corner of the home services industry, our expertise is goes unmatched by any digital agency or competitor.

Where We Are Today

iMarket Solutions is about so much more than lead generation. Our development funnel enables us to provide an unmet personalized experience for our customers, which contributes to their success regardless of where they’re at in their business lifecycle. And we have a development plan for all stages along the way in your business growth as we guarantee, we’ve been at that stage ourselves.

We have leadership that not only owns and operates contracting businesses, but also develops best practices for contractors within the HVAC industry. Our owners are regularly requested to give industry speeches about digital and marketing best practices, and their guidance benefits those of us here at iMarket in helping contractors succeed.

Meet the Founders

Gary Elekes, Co–Owner

iMarket Website Solutions

Gary Elekes is Co–Owner of iMarket Solutions, which he co–founded in 2010 with Andrew Allen. Gary is also the Founder and CEO of EPC Equity, a private equity group established to acquire, operate, and grow businesses in the home services trade. Additionally, Gary serves as President of EPC, Inc., EPC Training, Inc., two companies he has sold to EGIA and operates them for EGIA.   He still maintains and operates EPC Consulting independently, and has also been an active contractor since 2002, currently owning and operating in Arizona, HVAC and Plumbing companies.

As a customer of iMarket Solutions himself, as well as a trusted member of the industry who often serves as a featured keynote speaker at industry events and trade shows, Gary sees the business from every angle. He actively develops best practices and trains clients in the HVAC industry in his ongoing and multi–faceted efforts to help contractors succeed.

While his businesses and numerous professional and entrepreneurial endeavors keep him very busy, Gary is also a dedicated family man. He lives in Nashville with his wife and 3 children (though his loyalty to the Ohio State Buckeyes remains unwavering as ever).

Andrew Allen, Co–Owner & Chief Technical Officer

iMarket Website Solutions

Andrew Allen is a 7th generation Vermonter, as well as the Co–Owner, Co–Founder, and Chief Technology Officer at iMarket Solutions. His current focus for iMarket Solutions is creating a second–to–none experience for those in the home services industry.  Andrew has been partners with Gary Elekes in several businesses focused on the helping contractors operate successfully.

In addition to his many responsibilities as CTO at iMarket Solutions, Andrew also finds the time to actively serve on the local Boys and Girls Club Board of Directors. Community is always a priority for Andrew, be it online or locally focused. Andrew lives in Burlington, VT with his wife, Betsy.