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Social Media Management

The modern world of social media may feel overwhelming, especially if you’ve never dealt with it before as a contractor. But social media is basically a place for “word-of-mouth” campaigns with massive reach and the bonus of other digital marketing tools. It’s a space where your customers are already “hanging out,” and you can talk to them in a casual way without the high-pressure sales pitch. It’s a relaxed environment where you can build trust with customers and connect to the local community.

Many mid-sized businesses don’t have a social media presence because it requires time and resources they don’t have. iMarket Solutions offers the social media product to help your company use these exciting new marketing channels to expand your business and create loyal customers.

iMarket Solutions gives contractors the tools to grow, succeed, and dominate their local market.


How Social Media Grows Your Business

Did you know that 80% of customers expect to be able to connect with brands on Facebook? With more of your main audience adapting to social media, it’s not something you can ignore if you want to expand your business and remain competitive. 

To harness the business potential of social media, you need to participate in conversations on Facebook and Twitter and attract social media friends, fans, and followers. You can use the same techniques for collecting email addresses for your email newsletter—encourage social media signups and ask satisfied customers to "opt-in" to your messages. You can also encourage customers to go to online review sites and post positive reviews. 

How iMarket Can Help You Succeed With Social Media

Our social media services are designed to increase the number of your social media friends, fans, and followers and to engage your audience and help you thrive. We will create and distribute social media content, promotions, and campaigns to build long-lasting relationships with customers in your service area. Your social media presence introduces your brand to new customers, influences their buying decisions, and captures their loyalty. 

Our social media product is flexible and can help your company achieve other goals, such as lead generation, recruitment, and community outreach. Our blog software can automatically push your blog posts to Facebook and Twitter accounts without you needing to think about it. You can also outsource social media to our experts. They’ll set up your accounts and post to them regularly.

Social media involves more than Facebook and Twitter. Our campaigns include online review sites such as Yelp, Google Local, and Angie’s List. These sites are an invaluable source of leads for contractors.

We’ll Help You Make the Most of This Powerful Marketing Tool

Social media offers many other advantages. It builds your community presence, letting customers know you care through posts about charities and local events. Social media is a vital part of successful SEO (Search Engine Optimization) since search engines rank websites with active social media accounts higher. Best of all, social media accounts are 100% free! 

iMarket is the leader in digital marketing for HVAC, plumbing, and electrical contractors. We understand your business and your struggles in the new digital marketing world, and our social media product is specifically designed to inspire and grow your audience.