EGIA understands that finding the appropriate finance program for a diverse customer base can be a challenging task. That's why they developed OPTIMUS, a platform designed to assist Home Improvement and HVAC contractors of all sizes, from single-person shops to large dealerships, in becoming more profitable.

OPTIMUS employs Soft Pull technology to swiftly direct customers to the right lending or leasing products, virtually eliminating the need for multiple applications and credit pulls while guaranteeing 90% approval rates for your business, all within a few seconds.

With OPTIMUS, you can say goodbye to the word "NO" and say hello to "YES" quickly and seamlessly. Most significantly, OPTIMUS's state-of-the-art Soft Pull technology can help Contractors CLOSE MORE JOBS!

Why Should Contractors offer OPTIMUS Financing?


OPTIMUS makes it easy to grow your business and close more sales by offering your customers financing solutions that come with a high approval rate. Utilizing tools such as Know-Before-You-Go, Soft Credit Pre-Qualification and No Dealer Fee Financing can increase your customers' chances of getting approved for financing, regardless of their credit profile. By providing accessible financing options, you can establish your business as a trustworthy source and strengthen customer loyalty. These financing solutions are flexible and tailored to meet the needs of customers, making it easier for them to obtain the financing they require. Overall, offering these financing options can help your business stand out in a competitive marketplace and drive growth for your business.

Moreover, OPTIMUS enrolled contractors receive complimentary access to over 200 sales training videos from EGIA Contractor University, the industry’s most comprehensive training platform for contractors. This includes thousands of on-demand business training resources, which can help contractors improve their sales skills and overall performance. 

In summary, OPTIMUS offers unparalleled support to contractors, from financing solutions and negotiating power to comprehensive sales training and resources so register today and start offering financing solutions for your customers. 

How to Get Started

How is the application process structured for your customers? 

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