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One of the keys to success as a contractor is making your company’s brand and services stick in the minds of customers. When a consumer in your service area needs the specific services you provide, you want them to have your name already stamped into their memories. That way, when they pick up the phone or search for a website, they’ll call your phone number or search for your website. This is what remarketing is all about—it shows your ads on other websites to customers who have regularly visited your site. You get a second chance at those customers and strengthen your brand.

iMarket Solutions is committed to the success of HVAC, plumbing, and electrical contractors in digital marketing. We are a leader in the digital marketing space, and our professionals offer cutting-edge marketing solutions at affordable prices so you receive the best return on your investment. Reach out to us to learn about how remarketing can boost your business.

iMarket Solutions gives contractors the tools to grow, succeed, and dominate their local market.


Why Remarketing Is Important

Google Remarketing, also called retargeting, is a way to keep your company visible to your website visitors. Even if those visitors don’t purchase services or call you, remarketing gives you another opportunity with them by retargeting ads to other sites they visit. Think of it like a digital billboard—as potential customers "drive" along the internet, they’ll see your brand advertised along the way. This puts your company’s name at the top of their minds, ready for when they need your services.

Google remarketing has four objectives:

  • Increase pre-qualified traffic to your site

  • Boost customer awareness of your brand

  • Build loyalty and help retain customers

  • Maximize return-on-investment for your marketing budget

How Remarketing Works

The focus of remarketing is impressions, i.e. how many times your ad appears on other websites in the Google Display Network. To increase impressions, remarketing uses the cookie, a tiny file stored on computers that saves user preferences and other bits of information about the sites a user browses. Remarketing takes the information in the cookies to create new ad campaigns to target customers who have already visited your site whenever they use Google or more than two million websites and mobile apps in the Google Display Network.

The Benefits of Our Google Remarketing Campaigns

Remarketing ensures your ads follow potential customers around the web. As they browse other sites on the Google Display Network, search on Google using certain keywords, or open Gmail, they’ll see your ads. This creates major marketing advantages:

  • Gain access to the maximum inventory on the web.

  • Develop brand awareness.

  • Drive repeat visits to your site and generate higher sales.

  • Reach people when they’re most likely to purchase your product or services.

Speak to our professionals to find out how they can put the power of Google remarketing to work for your company.