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At iMarket Solutions, our goal is to provide you with the digital marketing products that will help your company succeed and grow in your local market. Digital marketing is a difficult field that’s constantly shifting, which is why you want to partner with professionals who know how to generate results. You can focus on running your business, while we focus on building your brand, growing a loyal customer base, and decreasing your cost-per-lead. 

We know how to make HVAC, plumbing, and electrical contractors successful and provide them with the best return on investment in their digital marketing campaigns. Below we’ve listed the services we offer to create digital marketing success for your company.

iMarket Solutions gives contractors the tools to grow, succeed, and dominate their local market.


Our Digital Marketing Services

  • Website Design: The website is the hub of your online presence. We’ll build you a beautiful site that matches your brand, draws search engines, and makes it easy for visitors to connect with you.

  • Digital Brand Management with SEO: Search Engine Optimization is at the core of what we do. We use keywords to make your site attractive to search engines and rank you high in organic searches. Our ongoing services keep your website relevant.

  • Reputation Management: Good reviews can make a company, bad reviews can break them. Our Reputation Management product reduces the impact of negative reviews and encourages customers to leave 5-star reviews that build brand trust in your community.

  • Social Media Management: More customers than ever are looking for businesses on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. You may not have the time or resources necessary to use these powerful platforms, but we have the strategies and campaigns to increase your social media presence and make you successful.

  • Email Marketing: Email newsletters are an affordable alternative to print newsletters that have an even greater reach. Our email marketing campaigns provide your customers with relevant topics and education to build trust, awareness, and more sales opportunities.

  • Search Engine Marketing: A digital marketing strategy requires pay-per-click ads to be effective. We’ll place your ads on Google and optimize them to reduce your cost-per-click and prevent competitors from using your brand name to drive traffic away from you.

  • Remarketing: It pays to get a second chance with visitors to your website. Our Remarketing (retargeting) strategy puts ads onto websites your potential customers visit so you have another opportunity to convert them into leads. 

  • Local Service Ads by Google: This recent service from Google allows customers to contact you directly through ads rather than be sent to the website. Local Service Ads are "pay-per-lead" ads, so you only pay when a customer contacts you through a phone call. 

  • Live Chat: Your website can generate more leads with Live Chat. We create tailored chat scripts for your company to retrieve important information from customers so you can quickly contact them and increase your digital advertising leads.

We Are Committed to Your Success

We started iMarket with a single purpose: deliver HVAC, plumbing, and electrical contracting businesses the most powerful digital marketing tools. We aim to do our utmost to help your company generate more leads at a lower cost and grow your market in your service area. Our sales and management team have worked in the HVAC industry for more than 40 years, and our marketing team is always at the cutting edge of the changing digital marketing world. Trust us to achieve superb results and make your company stronger and more profitable.