There are limitless companies that provide marketing services. In fact if you were to do an Internet search, not only would you find dozens of seemingly relevant results for what you need, but you’d also start seeing ads on websites you visit and on your social media pages for these marketing companies as well (this is called remarketing, or retargeting).

Does that mean any of those companies are the right choice for you? Maybe! But you have to know how to sift through these results and find what truly makes not only the right marketing agency, but the right marketing agency for contractors. We’ve provided some guidelines below on what to look for.

They Offer Versatility through Comprehensive Services

When you’re working with a marketing agency, you want one who does it all. Just like your customers likely don’t want to go to two separate contractors for AC installation and AC repairs, you don’t want a company who only offers SEO services or only helps you build your social media presence.

These are both vital parts of your digital marketing efforts, but independently they cannot provide the kind of lead generation that makes a true difference. You need a team who will look at every aspect of what you have to offer and bring it all together in a cohesive campaign, through SEO, social media, paid advertising, blogging and more. Even if you aren’t ready to invest in every single service the agency has to offer yet, having that option to upgrade means it’ll be a seamless transition when you are!

They Ask the Right Questions

An amateur company may ask some questions. Maybe, “How big is your company?” “What areas do you service?” “Do you offer emergency services?”

These are important questions. They barely scratch the surface, however, in engaging conversations that will help inspire ideas to drive your business forward. Asking the right questions means really digging in to what your business goals are, what your challenges have been in the past—both with lead generation and your previous marketing agency—and how the marketing agency manages expectations.

Your marketing agency should be interested in your overall success and their inquiries should reflect this. Ultimately, your marketing agency should show that they:

  • Understand your industry and the specific needs, challenges and opportunities of your business.
  • Have a track record of success for helping their clients dominate the search rankings for their industry.
  • Have a high ROI of the websites designed by the agency.

You should do your due diligence on identifying potential agencies and choosing between them in order to find the right fit for your business. Put iMarket to the test! We’re willing to bet that after you’ve explored your options, iMarket Solutions will be your top choice.  

The iMarket Difference

Why should you choose iMarket Solutions as your marketing company? First off, we’re more than just a marketing vendor, we’re a partner. We specialize in contractor marketing specifically, which not a lot of marketing companies can say, nor can they do well.  

  • We listen and start with a contractor's goals in mind. No two businesses are the same, so we take a consultative approach to learn about the contractor's lead generation needs, pain points and business goals to develop the best recommendation to help them reach their goals. 
  • We prioritize digital strategies that are the right fit for the contractor and their needs/goals (as opposed to selling them anything and everything).
  • We believe in transparency - we want contractors to be engaged with us, understand their marketing results and ask questions.
  • We support our clients beyond the scope of their digital marketing. We share resources and host an annual boot camp designed to help contractors create their business, financial and marketing plans so they have a clear path forward for a successful year. 
  • We only work in home services, so our team truly is the expert on the complexity of contracting businesses. We understand your unique business models, pain points, challenges and opportunities within the industry and how digital marketing can best support them.  
  • We innovate – we continuously seek market-leading strategies and best practices to help our partners succeed.

If you’re ready to start working with a team “Dedicated to Contractor Success,” or want to explore our services, contact iMarket Solutions!