The Best Brief SEO Guide for Contractors

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Having a strong online presence is crucial for any business. Most homeowners (and consumers) use the internet to search before making a purchase or major financial decision. In fact, you likely do the same thing.

It’s no wonder that internet visibility on that first page of Google is so important for your contractor business. In fact, 75% of people never click past the first page of Google search results. Let’s run through some basic, brief SEO tips you can use to take your business to the next level.

You Need Local Search Results

An overwhelming amount of internet queries include local keywords. If you want to reach more homeowners and customers in your area, you need to target your geographical location. You can achieve this by:

  • Including your city name and state abbreviation in the titles of your pages and blogs (such as “Best contractor in Toledo, OH”).

  • Creating website content, such as blog posts, where you target geographical keywords so you appear in local search results more favorably.

  • Targeting long-tail keywords. Don’t just mention your city name and state abbreviation. Work it into a specific query someone would type into a search engine.

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Your Website Has to Be Mobile-First

If your website isn’t designed to look great, load quickly, and provide a solid user experience, you simply won’t show up in search results.

60% of internet traffic comes from mobile devices. More people use mobile devices to access the internet than they do laptops or PCs, so Google (and other search engines) prioritize websites with great mobile responsiveness.

Not sure how to make your website mobile-first? You can:

  • Hire a designer to make your website load faster and look good on mobile devices. Quality websites are responsive on all devices, meaning the page appears in the ideal size and layout for each device with as short of a load time as possible.

  • Create short, snappy lines of text that are clear and easy to read, increasing the length of time people spend on your pages. This signals to Google that people enjoy your website and find it useful.

  • Make it easy to navigate your mobile website.

Use Original, Local Photos

Lastly, you want to become a topical authority on your specific services in your city and state. To do this, you need to exhibit signs that you are an authority in your space. You should leverage local photos in all your online marketing efforts.

Images are a big part of SEO. Take photographs of your local area to build trust with your readers, but also to score points with search engines. Original, high-quality images tend to do better, but can be made even better by:

  • Providing alternative text to photos for visually impaired searchers.

  • Having the right file format and keeping images compressed (small file size) so they don’t slow down your website.

  • Making the images mobile-friendly.

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SEO is just one of many crucial elements to a definitive online marketing strategy. If you’re ready to succeed, contact us and schedule a free marketing consultation at your earliest convenience.