Last month we posted a blog about brand reputation and how you can improve your SEO results. Now, we want to go more in-depth about the connection between your brand and your vision. While we mentioned briefly the importance of understanding your brand and the importance of the “why,” we’d like to delve into how it relates to the “where.”

Read on as we uncover the steps you can take to organically improve the foundation by which your search results are generated. By putting these two concepts together, it’ll be much easier to reach your goals, and your customers will intuitively pick you over other competitors.

Steps to Success

If you’re going to improve your brand’s reputation and utilize the strength of SEO to reach success, you’re also going to have to connect your brand’s purpose to your vision. Keep in mind your own brand’s belief and the realistic goals you’ve taken to get there.

Purposes like “being profitable” or “being successful” won’t work nearly as well, because customers don’t like working with contractors that are just in it for the money. Customers like working with people that have an inherent set of values, things that make them leaders in their field and eventually leaders of their competitors.

Step 1: Figure Out the “Why” of Your Brand

In the TED talk we linked last month, Simon Sinek talked about the “why” of your business. Many brands simply exist to make a profit, and while that might be fine for them, it should never be a reason for a brand existing. Ideally, your brand should have a purpose that is tangential to making a profit, so the profit can come as a result.

Perhaps your brand’s purpose is to provide friendly customer service to everyone in your area, or maybe you’re on a mission to provide affordable heating to your community to get through cold winters. This purpose is genuine, authenticity drips from it, and your prospective customers or community members will notice. After all, consumers are intuitive, they can tell when you’re sincere. This type of purpose can uniquely separate you from the tens or hundreds of other companies out there that provide similar services.

Step 2: Define the “Where” of Your Brand

While the “why” of your brand is important, it’s not everything. You’re still going to have to take your company in the right direction that can make your purpose a reality. This is what we call a vision. A brand without a vision is like a bird without wings, even if you have the desire to fly, you’ll never get there without growing wings.

A vision can constitute the ultimate goal of your company. How are you supposed to serve your business’s purpose if you can’t realistically get there? For premier HVAC companies to perform what their purpose espouses, they need a realistic direction to head towards. A vision can be something like “being the leading contractor in your area,” or “meeting a certain amount of promises to every customer,” ensuring that your brand is always working towards your purpose.

Step 3: Build a Framework Between Them

Once you’ve got your “why” and your “where,” then you’ve got to work on marrying these two aspects together. The purpose of your brand should always be in line with the vision of how you see your brand practicing what it preaches, so to speak. 

If your vision takes your brand in a direction that’s opposite to the purpose of why you run your company, then it’ll be harder to reach your goals and make the necessary steps to be successful. Profit comes naturally to a business with a strong relationship between its purpose and its vision.

“What Does This Have to Do with SEO?”

So, what does all of this talk about purpose and vision have to do with SEO? Isn’t that a large portion of what iMarket Solutions does?

Sure, SEO can be a powerful tool to reach your desired goals with a structured approach, but it’s not the only tool that a contractor can use to be successful. SEO for contractors, in conjunction with a framework built from a strong purpose and a clear vision (the why and where), is an almost surefire way to be successful in a sea of competitors.

The fact of the matter is, if you’re in a competitive market it’s likely that your competitors are using basic SEO principles to help grow their visibility. To compete with this, you need to have a brand advantage that resonates with search users. When you focus on creating a brand that is true to a purpose, this will reflect in naturally-built positive customer reviews, backlinks from reputable resources, and higher conversion rates from organic visitors.

Many of your competitors offer the most profitable services, charge the most profitable amounts, and work with customers up until it’s not profitable anymore. Customers are more sensitive to these business practices now more than ever, which is why your brand’s purpose and vision are going to matter a great deal in the business world to come.

In Summary

When a contractor doesn’t have a purpose that resonates with their target audience, they’re fighting against the current. Making a profit and building your customer base isn’t just done by search engine strategies and marketing tools. Behind every successful company lies a solid foundation of bedrock that consists of a strong vision and an even stronger purpose. SEO strategists, marketing companies, and everyone else enjoys working with a contractor that’s dedicated to something.

Your purpose, your cause, or even your belief is what dictates the direction your company will head more than anything else.

To learn about what we offer, contact iMarket Solutions today. We are dedicated to contractor success!