These 7 ideas will help contractors kick off their goal-setting for the new year!

A goal-setting process for the new year can ensure you remain organized, focused, and on track toward achieving your business objectives. The time for planning is right now! Gather your team and get to work!

Here are some ideas to kick start your for business goal planning for the new year:

  1. Increase profitability: Look for ways to cut costs and find new sources of revenue. This might involve negotiating better rates with suppliers, streamlining your business processes, or expanding into new markets.
  2. Improve customer satisfaction: Focus on delivering high-quality services and being responsive to customer needs. This can help you retain current customers and attract new ones through word-of-mouth referrals.
  3. Build and maintain a strong team: Invest in your team by finding and hiring skilled and reliable workers and providing ongoing training and support.
  4. Set short-term and long-term objectives: Determine what you want to accomplish in the short-term (such as increasing sales or expanding your service offerings) and the long-term (such as opening a second location or launching a new product line).
  5. Create a budget and financial projections: Understanding your current financial situation and planning for the future can help you achieve your financial goals.
  6. Develop a marketing plan: Outline your target audience, marketing channels, and budget to help you effectively promote your business.
  7. Focus on your brand identity: Develop a strong brand identity and build a solid online presence through social media and other digital platforms.

By setting clear and achievable goals for the new year, you can stay focused and make progress towards achieving your business objectives. Remember to regularly review and revise your goals quarterly to stay on track and adapt to any changes or challenges that may arise. At iMarket Solutions, we are committed to supporting your business goals and offer all of our clients an annual, complimentary 3-day business and marketing planning bootcamp!  

Not yet a current client? Contact us to schedule a free marketing consultation so we can discuss solutions to support your business goals.  We are dedicated to contractor success and cannot wait to start developing a plan to help take your business where you want it to go!