As a leader in digital marketing and SEO, we wanted to share some industry relevant news that may interest you. 

As you may already know, Google’s organic search algorithm is updated hundreds of times every year, and in some cases multiple times each day. And while specific details surrounding the update are not always shared, we know one thing is for sure. Google is rewarding websites that provide exceptional value to those who are visiting them. 

With that said, we’ve been tracking a lot of volatility within organic search results over the last week, which is consistent with an update to the algorithm. Many third party, unbiased, search trend tools have identified changes within the search landscape, which may or not impact your website. Barry Schwartz, a well respected member of the organic search community recently posted an article sharing his insights on what’s going on.

Our digital marketing and SEO team here at iMarket Solutions continues to track the organic search presence of our clients' websites amid these suspected algorithm updates. Often times, when an algorithm update is released, website rankings may see an increase in volatility over a short period of time (we call this the Google dance). It’s not uncommon to see keyword rankings increase / decrease 5 or more spots in the days after an update of this magnitude. Eventually the dust settles and we have a better idea of how this particular update has impacted any websites. 

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