As a business owner serving a specific geographic area, you should have a listing on Once that listing is claimed and verified by you or your SEO team here at iMarket Solutions, you have access to several tools in the back end of the site. Yelp announced a new tool available as of Monday March 25th to help business owners even more!

New Revenue Estimation Tool for Local Businesses

You know that being on Yelp is important and that reviews influence potential customers to pick up the phone and call you for service. What may be hard to figure out, though, is how much revenue you may be generating from your Yelp presence.

Now this is no longer an issue - Yelp released a "Revenue Estimation" tool that will not only show you how much revenue Yelp estimates you have gained from your listing there, but it compares it to the national average from a recent survey on revenue from Yelp listings.

If you need help with checking out any of the data in your Yelp account, feel free to contact us for assistance!

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