Maximizing Your Marketing Potential on Social Media

social media engagement

If you don’t have a strong grip on your social media presence, you’re leaving money on the table. Social media may not be where your business is right now, but it’s where your customers are.

We live in the attention economy. People are constantly checking their smartphones, dialing in to social media, and consuming more content than ever before.

The best part about it? You can leverage it and appeal to your prospective customers.

Your Customers Are on Social Media–A Lot

As of April 2023, there are 2.96 billion users on Facebook alone. Active users check Facebook on their smartphone around 14 times per day, and it’s not the only platform your customers spend time on.

71% of all adults with internet access use social media for nearly three hours every day, split up between multiple sessions. They’re constantly dialed in, whether it’s through Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, or other platforms.

You can’t be everywhere, but even if you can just focus on a few social media outlets, you immediately gain access to an enormous base of prospective customers. So how can you use social media to your advantage?


1. Build Brand Awareness

People want to spend money with your business, but they don’t know about you yet. Data shows that 78% of customers are willing to buy from a company after having a positive experience with them on social media, and 55% of customers learn about brands through social media in the first place.

You create brand awareness with content. You can share customer experiences, staff photos, giveaways, job listings, and even content centered around the communities you service. It all goes a long way to let prospects know who you are, what you offer, and how they can spend money with you.


2. Create a Feedback Loop

Social media can be used to create positive and negative feedback loops. Both serve a purpose for your business.

Positive feedback loops utilize customer experiences and media to generate a positive view of your brand. When potential customers stumble on your content for the first time, this feedback loop helps them view your brand in a positive light.

Negative feedback loops use customer complaints or frustrations in a positive way. When you offer a solution to a disgruntled customer in a public post, you not only make them feel heard and valued, but you’re also letting prospects know that you respect your customers. That goes a long way.

Both feedback loops stand to benefit your business. But you have to be present and active on social media for them to work.


3. Send Traffic to Your Website

Social media algorithms change and sometimes that impacts how well your posts perform. The audience is ultimately owned by the platform, so it’s best to push traffic from your social media channels towards your website. It’s the perfect place to convert prospects into paying customers.

Let’s say a prospective customer goes from your social media page to your website, but they don’t put in their contact information or make a purchase. That’s okay, because most social media platforms also offer targeting and retargeting campaigns.

Social media ad campaigns are customizable so you can target a narrow audience without incurring high ad spend. It requires firsthand knowledge to properly set these campaigns up, but when done right, they’re excellent lead magnets.

Ignoring Social Media Can Be Detrimental to Your Bottom Line

80% of business executives believe it’s essential to invest in social media marketing, and 91% of executives will increase their spend in social media marketing budgets throughout the next three years. It’s clear: social media is a marketing strategy that’s here to stay.

It’s a lot to navigate and it can feel overwhelming. That’s where we come in. Recently, our clients have seen the following social media marketing successes during the first quarter of the year:


  • 74.3% spike in social media impressions
  • 23.7% more engagements
  • 112.2% increase in post link clicks
  • 11.9% average audience growth
  • 46.8% increase in video views


If you can capture someone’s attention on social media, you’re in the perfect position to land leads. You just have to get started–we can help.



Contact us today to put the power of social media into action for your business. At iMarket, we are dedicated to contractor success.