How Social Media supports your SEO Strategy?

There is no doubt that social media has become an increasingly important part of business.  Others may think of social media as an independent entity rather than as something that impacts the rest of their digital marketing strategies. 

The truth is social media fully supports your SEO, here's how:

1.Helps drive website traffic

Social media can help you drive a lot of traffic to your website. Whenever a business posts content on social media, its followers can click on links within the post to visit the website. In addition to increasing traffic, this may even benefit SEO.

2.Builds partnerships

Social media can help with link building. SEO relies heavily on link building since it helps search engines understand a website's relevance and importance. The link that a business shares on social media can cause other people to share that same link on their own social media accounts or websites. This creates backlinks to the website, which can improve its organic ranking and SEO.

3.Makes your brand known & builds trust

An active social media presence can increase the credibility of a  business. As a result, more people will search for a brand or business on search engines, improving the SEO of that business. Today, people expect legitimate businesses to have social media profiles. It can be a red flag to consumers if the social media is poor or nonexistent.

4.Grows your local footprint

Social media can help with local SEO. Many businesses rely on local SEO to attract customers to their area. There are a few ways in which social media can assist with local SEO. Business profiles on social media can include their location, so search engines can understand their location and display them to users searching for businesses in that location. Moreover, positive reviews on social media can also help with local SEO, since they are seen as proof of a business's credibility. Not only does this help with your local SEO profile, but can also help affirm a potential customer’s decision to work with your business.

5.Attracts a local target audience 

Social media can help with keyword research. SEO relies heavily on keywords because they allow search engines to determine the relevance of a website's content. Businesses can learn more about their audience's keywords and phrases by analyzing the language and content used on social media. This can help them optimize their website content for those keywords, which can improve their SEO.

SEO and social media for contractors

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