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How Your SEO Company is Like Jerry Maguire

As an SEO (search engine optimizer) with years of experience at multiple successful SEO companies, I have had the pleasure of optimizing hundreds of websites. Local, national, international; services focused, informational and e-commerce – I have worked on them all. And in that time, my points of contact at these companies has ranged from interns all the way up to CEO’s. Despite the vast differences in positions held, along with what they offer and who they offer it to, there is one common denominator among the majority of these companies – they all say to their SEO company, in so many words, “SHOW ME THE MONEY!”

Rod Tidwell saying, "Show me the money."

The phrase, you may recall, comes from Rod Tidwell: the NFL receiver played by Cuba Gooding, Jr. in the movie Jerry Maguire. People in business expect results from their partners, just like Rod did. In this case, you have most likely invested into your SEO company’s experience, knowledge and capabilities as a company that specializes in search engine optimization because you want to improve your online marketing results. But many business owners tend to forget that their success online is largely based off of their cooperation, involvement and dedication to their online marketing campaign. This blog post carries two purposes: to offer SEO tips for local contractors in the HVAC, plumbing and electrical industries (though these SEO tips can apply to most industries), and to educate business owners on why they should not be uninvolved like Rod.


Your SEO Company LOVES You!

All right, so maybe “love” is a bit of a strong word, but great SEOs truly are invested into helping their clients achieve better online visibility, and ultimately, leads. Why, you might ask? Because we understand that your success is our success. We know from experience that providing great customer service and delivering exceptional results for our clients’ online marketing campaigns is the key to continuing viable business relationships, and consequently, the best way to secure our place as one of the best SEO companies around. But we cannot do it all without you.

I referenced Jerry Maguire’s “help me, help you” scene in my headline because it perfectly describes our intent as an SEO. Our only purpose is to help your online marketing campaign succeed. But as hard as we work, there are simply some things we cannot do successfully without the help of our clients.

Here are a few helpful tips from an SEO company that specializes in helping electrical, plumbing and HVAC contractors with their website development and local online marketing needs.

And while you’re at it, feel free to share this blog post with any friends or business partners you feel may benefit from it, especially if they are in the plumbing or heating and air conditioning industries.

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3 SEO Tips to Improve Your Online Marketing Strategy

SEO Tip #1: I Don’t Know What I Don’t Know

This tip isn’t as applicable for our company because we are experts in HVAC and plumbing marketing. All we do is build, write about and optimize HVAC and plumbing websites – and we’ll soon be rolling out social media services to all of our clients. It’s hard not to become an expert when dealing with the same industry all day, every day. Needless to say, one couldn’t expect an SEO company that offers services to hundreds of clients within a vast array of industries to have expert knowledge on all of them. So don’t assume most SEOs know what they are doing; many of them just follow a formula they devised years prior and scaled to all of their clients’ websites. Instead of accepting generic boilerplate content, get involved and offer ideas. Whether it’s suggestions for performing keyword research or an idea for a new infographic – we love to hear your thoughts! After all, your knowledge and expertise in your field will most likely always surpass that of your SEOs.

SEO Tip #2: Don’t Be Stingy!

We get it. You’re busy and can never find a time to meet with your SEO. Well guess what: if your SEO is good at their job, you shouldn’t have much time to chat with them. You’ll be too busy with all your new customers! But that doesn’t mean you still can’t help them help you! If you can’t set aside the time to get on the phone, you can still send an e-mail.

A faux portrayal of an SEO company representative screaming at a client

Some of the ways we encourage our clients to help benefit our online marketing efforts include:

  1. Send us videos and photos. Everyone loves watching videos. Seeing something on video paints a far more engaging picture than a string of words can ever accomplish. Still pictures can be just as beneficial. We encourage our contractors to send photographs and videos of common issues experienced among their clients, so potential clientele and site visitors know what to keep an eye out for. Not only can these videos and photos potentially bring in quite a bit of traffic to the site, but they help build your brand as an authority in your area and service, and make you look that much more professional.
  2. Send us past interviews or publications. If you have ever done any interviews or published any articles, be sure to make your SEO company aware of that. Not only do those references help build your credibility when posted on your site, but they ensure your potential customers see them. (Such articles rarely get the benefit of links to your website when posted on other sites.) Knowing about previously published material helps us find any websites that may be hosting that content, and a friendly e-mail to the webmaster could result in a valuable backlink to your site.
  3. Send us content ideas. Again, this isn’t as applicable for our company because we are very familiar with the heating and air conditioning industry, but every SEO company can learn new things from their clients. As Tip #1 makes clear, “I don’t know what I don’t know.” So don’t be scared or modest – speak up and share your ideas! Collaborations between a client and an SEO can lead to a more successful Internet marketing strategy.

Even if it takes you a month to put together just a few things, that can still make a difference. And who knows; your help may be the grain of salt that makes your website outrank your competition.

SEO Tip #3: Introduce Us to Your Friends

Surprisingly enough, we’ve met many business owners who are simply not comfortable with introducing their friends to their SEO company. It doesn’t have to be this way! Can’t we all just be friends? Seriously though, your affiliates can benefit you in more ways than one. We encourage our clients to put us in touch with their affiliates. With a proper introduction and a little bit of charm, gaining backlinks from these affiliates to your website can be a breeze. And the best part about it?

  1. With any luck, your affiliate partner has a reputable business, which often means they also have a website with a high PageRank (PR). And higher-caliber websites are less likely to link their sites to many people, giving you the leg up on your competition.
  2. Affiliates tend to be in the same industry or a vertical industry. For example, HVAC contractors travel a lot and carry large amounts of weight in their vehicles. And the larger the HVAC company is, the more vehicles they have. In order to keep their technicians on the road, some will hire companies that specialize in servicing HVAC vehicles. More often than not, such a company would be more than happy to place a testimonial from you on their website, which could (at our request) be linked back to your own site. As testimonial pages tend to appear in the main navigation on most websites, this could result in a backlink from a more authoritative page, which only builds your authority and relevancy in this industry that much more.


Do You Feel More Obligated to Help Your SEO Company Now?

Hopefully these SEO tips have given you a different perspective of your SEO, or at least their intent. Remember: the next time you question the success of your SEO campaign, ask yourself if you’re doing everything within your power to help your SEO company succeed. After all, you can’t expect us to “show you the money” if you’re not willing to “help us help you.”

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