Consider how much time and effort you put into creating the perfect email. Now compare that to the amount of time you spend writing your subject line. Because a poorly written subject line can deter the recipient from even wanting to see that perfect email, you might want to take a second glance at that subject line to make sure it’s the one you want to go with. If you’re thinking to yourself “I need a better subject line”, then these 4 tips are just what you need. They will help you create effective subject lines that will boost open rates and get more eyes on that perfect email you’ve designed.


Keep your subject line short!

With the rise of mobile users comes the rise of new things to think in mind when creating the perfect subject line. Mobile devices limit how long we can make the subject line and ones that do run long are simply cut-off. Keeping your subject line between 30-50 characters will avoid that risk completely.


Personalize it when you can

With the average user having their inbox flooded with emails on a regular basis, it sometimes get easy to miss an email. According to a study done by Marketing Sherpa, personalizing a subject line can improve your open rate but as much as 29.3%. I wouldn’t recommend starting every email you send with their name but it should definitely be in the mix.


Avoid “salesy” language

Nobody likes a cheesy used car salesman. Don’t be the cheesy used car salesman of the email marketing world. So do yourself a favor and avoid ending your subject lines with a bunch of explanation points!!!!!!!! While you’re at it, you might want to avoid writing in all caps: IT REALLY ISN’T NECESSARY. Saying things like “You’re a winner” in your subject line is frustrating when people open the email just to find out they didn’t win anything. Lastly, you don’t need to say things like “act now!” or “Don’t hesitate” in your subject lines.


Use powerful words

I saved the best for last, powerful words. Using certain words or phrases can really help boost your open rates. For example, starting your subject line with the word “Get” and follow it with what it is they are getting in the email, is a surefire bet to get you a respectable open rate almost every time. Words like “invitation”, “introducing”, “new”, “update”, “we”, and “special” are also great words to include. When it comes to power words, it’s important to monitor which words are consistently working for you.

People often underestimate the power the subject line holds. First impressions are everything and with these 4 easy tips, we’re confident your next first impression will be a great one. Send me an email and tell me how it goes at, I would love to hear your story.