5 Tips for HVAC Contractors to Leverage Social Media

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Did you know that the US has the third-highest number of social media users in the world? In 2022, 300 million people engaged with social media. That number is expected to steadily increase.

HVAC contractors can leverage social media to their advantage. If your business doesn’t already have a social media plan in place, there’s no better time like the present to start. Here are five tips to maximize your social media presence to generate engagement and leads. 

#1. Focus on the Right Platforms for Your Target Customers

Knowing which social media platforms your target customers use is a key component of your social media strategy. The Pew Research Center breaks down the demographics of social media usage by categories such as the popularity of each social media platform, the age range of users, the percentage of users by household income, and more. 

Facebook remains the most popular social media choice for adults. Take a look at these stats for Facebook users from various age ranges.

  • 77% of people ages 30–49 use Facebook
  • 73% of people ages 50–64 use Facebook
  • 50% of people ages 65+ use Facebook
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#2. The Popularity of Videos

Although Facebook remains the most popular platform, the way people use Facebook is changing. Facebook stories are becoming increasingly popular with over 1 billion videos posted daily. Video format is also popular on social media sites such as YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok. 

Short-form video content is not only easy for users to digest, but it’s also easier for companies to create with a minimal expenditure of resources and time. You don’t have to be a professional videographer to create engaging social media videos. In fact, it could be argued that videos that capture real people doing real things are the way to go. 

Some ideas for contractor videos include tutorials, answering frequently asked questions, easy fixes that homeowners can do themselves, behind-the-scenes footage, or funny scenarios in the field. When you present yourself as a knowledgeable expert in your field, your customers will think of you the next time they need service.

#3. Plan Your Social Media

Having a social media plan in place helps you strategize content and manage your social media accounts more easily. Planning your social media posts in advance by using a content calendar will help you set realistic, actionable goals that eliminate the guesswork.

There are apps and services such as Hootsuite and Planable that are designed specifically for helping businesses manage social media calendars. Creating good content takes practice, so go easy on yourself when first diving into social media. Although it may seem time-consuming at first, it’ll be worth the effort in the long run.

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#4. Post Consistently

Planning your social media content will allow you to post consistently. This is key for user engagement and getting your posts seen by your followers. Social media platforms tend to show users the content that other people are engaging with. That means the more you post, the more likely your customers will see your content. However, that doesn’t mean you should post just for the sake of posting. Your posts should be consistent and timely, but thoughtful as well. 

#5. Engage With Users

Social media is all about engagement. People use social media to feel connected to other users—HVAC companies included! When people leave comments on your posts, take the time to interact with their comments by liking them or responding with well-thought-out comments.

Another way to engage your users is to vary your content. No one wants to see endless advertisements in their social media feeds. By mixing it up and posting a variety of content, you’ll keep your followers as followers instead of lost customers who are quick to hit the “unfollow” button. 

Making your posts personable will also generate engagement. Post pictures and videos of office parties, celebrate your employees’ milestones, and introduce your employee of the month. By putting faces to your company, your customers will be more likely to want to give you their business. 

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