Creative Director 


iMarket Solutions is looking for a Creative Director that will plan, direct, and control every aspect of iMarket’s Creative function with direction and leadership from the Executive Team and Board of Directors, and ensure client satisfaction is defined and met. This person will lead teams across content, design and data to deliver a cohesive brand strategy to our clients working in the home services industry. 

The ideal candidate will have experience executing on lead generating data and research by bridging the gap between creative and conversion. The Creative Director will plan and direct brand campaigns for clients, direct the resources necessary to support those brand campaigns, and manage the outcomes of clients’ marketing plans.  This includes brand, promotions, advertisements, and content.


  • Be a Leader first.  Drive culture and core values and maintain employee development.  As a Director this position requires the development of culture inside the iMarket team.
  • Contribute to the company business plan and strategy, annually and quarterly as we build strategies, goals, initiatives and on-going changes as it relates to creative assets and strategy.
  • Ensure alignment in all business initiatives and areas of communication and execution as it relates to client brand, media, and advertising execution.
  • Develop, enhance, and maintain a set of behaviors within the company on the customer experience side as it relates to campaigns and creative strategy and execution.  
  • Develop a Brand Strategy, Brand Story, and where asked by sales/client, develop a client-by-client marketing plan with branding as the primary focus.
  • Define for the Creative team and the content library model - tools and resources necessary to maintain a content library of written, visual, and audio materials.
  • Facilitate creative storyboards for clients for promotions and brand ideas.
  • Be accountable and oversee client budgets.
  • Develop the team of content - (copy and visual), writing, design, and creative. 
  • Hire (or subcontract), train, develop a team supporting the brand and traditional marketing needs, such as design, content, video content and focus groups.
  • Lead and manage workflows - for content, creative, media planning, market analysis, and scheduling of work requirements.
  • Manage client expectations, as well as management of client budgets.
  • Support the development of iMarket’s internal brand and external development for creative and marketing communications.
  • Develop a media planning and market analysis function to drive traditional media alongside digital in a cohesive strategy for the client.
  • Develop and launch a traditional media effort - start with a Prototype and move into a BETA, then target selected clients and grow into a model of full traditional media. Plan and implement phase 1, 2 and 3 traditional media.

Desired Skills & Experience

  • Bachelor Degree in Design, Art, Marketing, or Marketing Communications
  • 5 years minimum of Digital Experience and emerging technologies
  • 5 Year Experience in Traditional Media- emphasis on brand and media 
  • Evidence of Copy, Content, and Design Experience 
  • Experience in managing and leading a team of highly motivated and creative individuals, as well as data driven teams.
  • In depth knowledge of brand development and customer experience
  • Creative Mindset 
  • Strategic Mindset

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