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Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is a method to bring traffic to your website by purchasing it through pay-per-click ads. Paid ads appear at the top and right sides of search engine result pages. These ads are called “pay-per-click” because you pay a variable amount to the search engine every time someone clicks on one of your ads. The fees and order the ads are listed are determined through a bidding system where you bid to compete with other advertisers under certain keywords.

iMarket offers comprehensive pay-per-click services to contractors in the HVAC, plumbing, and electrical industries. We specialize in your field and use up-to-the-minute tools and techniques to make your search engine marketing a success. Our pay-per-click experts know how to choose keywords and place ads for a maximum return on your investment.

iMarket Solutions gives contractors the tools to grow, succeed, and dominate their local market.


Making Pay-Per-Click Pay Off

Pay-per-click ads enable you to achieve online market results from the moment your website launches and then keep ahead of the competition for popular search phrases. If pay-per-click is done right, search engines will charge you less per click because your ads and landing pages are useful and satisfying to consumers.

But how do you do pay-per-click the right way? It requires specialized knowledge, software, research into keywords, setting up pay-per-click landing pages, and organized campaigns. You can leave these jobs to our professionals, who have years of experience with pay-per-click success. We’ll create intelligently targeted digital marketing programs and make your ads compete in highly competitive markets. We also coordinate pay-per-click campaigns with organic search campaigns to focus pay-per-click spending only on the search terms that need it the most. This helps us further lower the cost-per-lead to raise your return on investment.

Branding and Lead Generation Campaigns

Pay-per-click can be used for both branding and lead generation. Ad campaigns targeted to specific services and segments of a business generate leads in those areas, while ads targeting a company’s brand and company name help capture less expensive leads from consumers trying to locate a company they already know about.

Branded campaigns are helpful even if you have a limited advertising budget. Competitors can bid on your brand name to target customers searching for your business—you can prevent this with a branded campaign that takes advantage of all potential searches for your company name.

If you have a significant advertising budget, you can use pay-per-click for specific services. This can take lead generation to new levels as it brings in leads from customers with extremely specific needs for higher value services. 

Our Pay-Per-Click Experts Are Dedicated to Your Success 

Pay-per-click ads are a crucial part of any effective digital marketing program, and they can make an enormous difference in highly competitive markets. They then "optimize the funnel" by using consistent keywords through the sales process. As the search environment changes, our specialists refine all parts of the sales funnel so you receive the minimum cost-per-lead. 

You can put your trust in the years of experience of our pay-per-click experts. They know how to select keywords and handle add placement to drive your success in both branded and lead generation campaigns.