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Saddleback Plumbing: Case Study

Local SEO leads to sharp increase in website traffic and lead generation for Saddleback Plumbing

Organic Traffic
Organic Search
Organic Conversion

Year-over-year comparisons from 2011 to 2016 (full year 1/27/11-1/27/12 vs. 1/27/15-1/27/16)

Saddleback Plumbing is an HVAC and plumbing contractor, which has been serving Southern California since 1981. They focus on providing fast, high quality plumbing services for their customers. Since 2011, they’ve experienced overwhelming business growth due to our efforts in SEO and content marketing.

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Their responsive site works on any device.


Prior to contracting with us, Saddleback had a great deal of trouble generating leads from their online presence. They also had trouble converting those leads into paying jobs. In order to properly leverage their online presence, they needed proper SEO practices incorporated into their site content. That meant that most of the site needed to be rewritten.


  • Increase quality leads through organic search.
  • To boost conversion rate from site traffic.

Our Solutions

SEO Content Creation

One major goal that we had for Saddleback was to increase organic lead generation by creating unique, relevant content. We accomplished this by leveraging SEO techniques in our launch content and in our ongoing blogging. Higher visibility in the search results helped to dramatically increase the leads generated year-over year in organic search by 1187% (124 to 1,596) from 1/27/11-1/27/12 vs. 1/27/15-1/27/16.

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Custom Site Content and Bi-Weekly Blog Generation

Converting site traffic into actionable leads is a big goal for all clients, but it was an especially significant priority for Saddleback. With a new website and ongoing blogging, we managed to generate a substantial increase in both organic traffic (5,858 to 10,454) and conversion rates (from 2.12% to 15.27%) year-over-year from 1/27/11-1/27/12 vs. 1/27/15-1/27/16.

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